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Changing New York

NY Piers 1

NY Piers 9
 Bozidar's studio is on the waterfront facing Manhatten. For many years Bozo has photographed in black and white disappearing structures that surround him, particularly the decaying piers. These piers have been abandoned and are sinking into the river. Their skeletal forms have been transformed by the forces of nature (wind, rain and storms) into monumental abstract sculptures. They stand alone and forlorn, a visual memory of their past, and become new entities. Finally they disappear into the water or are demolished by wrecking crews.
Bozo, struck by the beauty of the piers, has captured them in their transitional decline.

NY Piers 2

His perspective is particularly interesting because he documents a three dimensional phenomenon from the perspective of a practiced sculptor. Bozo hones in on what gives these forms a sculptural quality. Sometimes we see in the background the proud skyscrapers of Manhattan, symbols of power and endurance, and ironically we note the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center standing free and firm as if nothing could disturb them. At other times these structures are captured alone as reformed organisms unrelated to anything around them.
Bozo's focus on these structures shows us a beauty which many of us might have ignored. They are hidden to us by our habitual visual ignorance of what is around us. Many would refer to them in the colloquial as, 'eyesores,' rather than recognize in them a new form. A form that has its own visual excitement that the artist has brought to our attention.

NY Piers 8

NY Piers 5